How's My Kitty?
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BUTTONS, Entry for July 21, 2007
I could hear Buttons on the other side of the door as usual, voicing her complaints about being alone.  She was happy to see me and went about her routine of rolling around on the floor in anticipation of getting scratchies, which she  got of course.  She ate a little after I fixed her food and went back to her dish on several occasions.  I settled in the large char in the living room with Buttons for some TV and a good kitty massage.  She is so cute when she pushes her little head into my hand.  She went from rolling around on the ottoman to walking onto my chest several times punctuated by short periods of totally ignoring me for a couple of minutes at a time and trips to the food dish. In-between all of this we had a couple of short sessions with the cat dancer.  It was a little sad good bye in the end, knowing that this was the last visit for now. I so look forward to caring for her again. She's just an angel.
2007-07-22 13:37:56 GMT