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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for July 20PM & 21AM, 2007
7/20pm Wrigley and Adler are still doing just fine.  Not sure if I mentioned that Wrigley sneezed once yesterday, but that was it- with no other symptoms. So we're not too concerned about it right now. But I left a note for Laney to take his temp. in the morning just to err on the side of caution. This evening they were eating well, sociable and playful as usual, especially Adler.  I brought a toy called a cat dancer which when shaken simulates a moth flying and flopping across the floor and Adler just loves it.  Wrigley isn't quite sure what to do with it yet  but likes to bat at the ribbons.  I also put more toys and a box in the middle of the floor which he thought was pretty cool and climbed right in.  It appears that we will be running out of bottled water soon.  We've looked all around and don't see any more. Do you have a case stashed somewhere?

7/21am - Laney called at 7:30am to report that all went well with the fluids this morning. She also took Wrigley's temperature and it was normal.  So were starting another good day!
2007-07-21 15:02:42 GMT
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thank u so much 4 the consistent updates. definitely allows me stay worry free! Please fill any empty bottles with the water from the fridge and use that for the boys. meant to get another case before we left but never got around to it. thanks! We will definitley recommend your services to others!
2007-07-21 15:18:11 GMT