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WRIGLEY & ADLER, Entry for July 18PM & July 19am, 2007
Goodmorning! As mentioned yesterday ( 7/18) mornings SubQ's with Laney apparently went very well. Laney mentioned particularly how calm Adler was which was nice to hear. Yesterday evening I (Laurie) and Steve visited the kids together. When we arrived, Wrigley was sitting in the window looking out at us and I got a couple of cute pictures of him. Once inside they were gratefully both VERY happy and sociable. We had our usual playtime before it was time for the pills, then popped them in before they knew what was happening. After that everybody swarmed around in anticipation of dinner and both ate right up as soon as their plates were put down. I also gave Wrigley a jar of baby food which of course he licked right up. Changed litter, left the sound machine on, gave them both a relaxing brush and it was night night!

7/19 - Received text message from Laney about 6am this morning that SUB Q's with both babies went very smoothly and she ran the dishwasher - so we'll have a clean batch of bowls for tonight!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful time! Remember, no news is good news here:)) Let US to the worrying:))!! Cheers, LH
2007-07-19 13:23:27 GMT