How's My Kitty?
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DENNY, Entry for July 2-3, 2007
Hi there! Denny's doing just great and all seemed to go well with the housekeeper - but I thought she was going to set the alarm when she left? It was off when I arrived on the PM of the 3rd - but the house looks great and Denny's toys were all put away. So we dragged everything out again:) The big news is that I came up with a new game for him. I looked in the cupboard in the island and found a ribbon - then tied it onto his scratching pad while he was sitting on it. Then I slowly started to pull him toward the kitchen to take him for a little scenic ride. He thought that was really cool.  We did this several times yesterday and he's staying on longer and longer and enjoying his excursions around the diningroom table and through the kitchen. haha. Really cute:)
2007-07-04 14:33:57 GMT