How's My Kitty?
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TIMEX, Entry for July 1, 2007
Timex was in the same sort of mood as yesterday. He does seem to get

scared when I come in to see him because he hisses, and then runs into

the bedroom. Ah well... I'm sure things will improve with time.  I filled up

his bowl of dry food and gave him some fresh tasty water:) I cleaned

around his feeding  area with the dust buster, which I'd like to add, is very

loud and probably not Timex's favorite sound. I did turn the air conditioning off before using of course. With the air conditioning on high, the place is very cool, very nice. I did find a little vomit on the floor for the second straight day. It appeared to be the wet food, which made me weary of giving him more - so I consulted with Laurie and we determined not to give him him any today and see if that settles his tummy. Will let you know!  
2007-07-02 14:30:06 GMT