How's My Kitty?
Welcome travelling parents! Check here daily to see what your little ones are up to!

Goodmorning. Well tech. Laney took care of the kitties last night and we both met up early this morning at the apt. and I gave Winston his injection and Sebastian his pill. The old brush trick is not working with Winston - but fortunately he's not too far under the bed so we can gently pull him out. Once out of course, he's just an angel, took the shot well and got lots of brushes afterward. Sebastian was a bit shy too at first so I pulled him out as well - and once I started brushing him on the floor he was really happy and couldn't get enough. After awhile he decided to hop up on the bed to join Cicero - who has NO problems at all and is just a friendly as can be.  Wilhemina is sticking to the top of the kitty condo, but will let me pet her head a bit. We think she might be working on a hairball, as there was a bit of vomit/hairball on the floor this morning and she was coughing briefly during our visit, as if she might be a bit more left. Will probably stop by mid-afternoon just to check in on everybody after my visit across the street. More soon!  

2007-07-02 14:23:09 GMT