How's My Kitty?
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SIMON, Entry for June 30, 2007
Simon was quite nice greeting me at the door. Though he sure wanted

his food ! I filled up his bowl, but he only ate a little and walked off. He actually wanted those Whicker Lickins instead! Yes, he sure loves those. Though, it actually came to point where he'd hiss and stalk me if I didn't give him more. lol. This made it a little tough going about the place filling up his water, cleaning the litter, etc. But we managed to play with the mousy a little bit and he felt a little better. Laurie had mentioned that Simon might be sensitive to smells - but we're thinking now ( since he's hissed at both of us ) that he might just be a little shy around stangers. We'll see how our adventure goes tomorrow!:)
2007-07-01 14:32:16 GMT