How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for June 30, 2007

I finally figured out that Baxter will actually catch the hairbands mid-air with his little paws! Wow! He's amazingly good at that! So today we spent most of our time with that excercise and he caught at least 20 of them. He also liked running after them and sliding on the floor. One time he slid right into his water bowl - and we had to do a bit of mopping up afterward, but it was pretty funny. He's just a little daredevil. Oh yes, I keep forgetting to thank you for leaving the extra towels for his water bowl. Yep - everyday it's empty and the towels are soaked - so he's have plenty of waterplay fun. I've been giving him treats - and he's just not interested in them. Just not a junk food junkie I guess:))

2007-07-01 14:26:13 GMT