How's My Kitty?
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KATIE & OREO, Entry for June 27, 2007
The babies are doing really well in my opinion - AND I believe I've made your lives a little simpler in the past 3 days. I did an experiment and put extra food in (2) bowls for them to munch on while I was away - their big bowl in the bath and a smaller bowl for Oreo just outside the bath on the wood floor. He seems to like that one. Anyway - long story short, over the past 3 days, I have arrived and there was still at least (1) cup of food left overall in the bowls and NObody is scarfing their food like mad and there's been absolutely no vomiting at all. Neither kitty is starving when I get there either, so we've had more time to cuddle and play - instead of going through the portioned feeding routine. Each kitty is just eating what he needs right now while I'm not there and leaving the rest. Hope that's ok with you !!
2007-06-28 18:18:51 GMT