How's My Kitty?
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TABITHA, AM/PM Entry for June 25, 2007

Hi there! Tabitha's doing really great and we had an extra long morning session today and watched a movie together. She layed on my chest with her little paws hugging my neck pretty much the whole time, purring away contentedly. She's just so cozy it's hard to leave! I did get a little love bite on the chin at one point, but it wasn't too hard:) Gotta keep an eye on her tho. lol. So mostly we had a cuddlefest for visit one. Visit two was dinner and mouse chase time. Tomorrow, the other Laurie will be taking over Tabitha's PM visits so she'll have some variety for company and lots and lots of ooh's and aah's since she's so darn lovable.  Cheers!

2007-06-26 15:23:35 GMT