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CASSIE, LOTTY, SCOUT & RANGER, Entry for June 23, 2007

Hi there! No problem finding the key and all went pretty smooth. What a brood you have!! Scout and Ranger were the door greeters today and stuck right under my feet as I tried to climb the stairs. Once to the top, there were Cassie and Lotty standing impatiently by their empty bowls of food. Everybody was apparently very hungry because the trash had been ransacked and was all over the floor.  So there was quite a mess to clean up... In any case, I set down some dry food in separate bowls for them right away to quell their hunger pangs and they all chowed down asap. While they were having their appetizer, I swept up the kitchen and litter areas and got everything ship-shape... washed their wet food dishes and then set out their main meal. In the end, all was back to normal and the kitties seemed content and happy. Everybody got lots of pets and attention too. Cassie, as you mentioned sat by the sliding glass door waiting to be let outside onto the porch, but I told her she'd have to wait till mom and dad got back. Not sure she appreciated that:)

2007-06-24 12:54:05 GMT
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I'm so sorry they made a mess! Thanks a million for cleaning up and for taking such good care of the brood. Love the update! All the best.
--Elizabeth & Cory
2007-06-24 13:10:43 GMT