How's My Kitty?
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KATIE & OREO, Entry for June 22-23, 2007
Hi there! Well the kitties are doing great. Both are door greeters and just as friendly as can be. On friday when I arrived there was a bit of vomit in the hallway in two spots, which I thought might have been the result of your leaving a little extra food for them when you left - and Katie may have eaten all of it herself.. but yesterday, everything was fine - and no vomiting anywhere.  I have a little trick with the feeding routine which seems to be working. I put Katie in the bath with her handful of kibble, and sit in the hall with Oreo, who I give a little bit too in a small bowl which she seems to like. Occassionally Katie will turn and try to eat out of Oreo's bowl, but I encourage her to finish her own. She minds very well with just the slightest encouragement.  The major hassle of Saturday was that the office did NOT leave the keys with the doorman as planned. I had to get maintenance to find the key - which took him at least half an hour because he kept giving me the wrong key to the apt. !!!! Can you imagine. In any case, I finally got in, but what a pain. If you're reading this, please call the office on Monday and have them put the key with the doorman. It's just tooooo much time wasted this way. Thanks! All's great with the kitties though and both are being just as sweet as can be.
2007-06-24 12:46:55 GMT