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JASPER & FUZZ, Entry for June 15-16, 2007
June 16, Coming soon!

June 15,
When I arrived they had painted the door and it was in the process of drying.  I signed in on the floor and the guard tried my key in the open door. She closed the barrier behind me.  I found Fuzz and Jasper under the bed pretty freaked out by all the noise and disruption.  They didn't want to come out, so I did my chores.  Scooped the litter and filled the food bowls and water dishes.  As I was lying on the floor talking with them, the guard came to the blanket and told me that the door was dry and she would be shutting it.  I took the barrier down, swept the laundry room and moved the litter box area back into it. I swept the hall carpet free of litter and folded and placed the blanket on the washer. After everything was back to normal, I sat in the living room and after a few minutes Jasper came out to investigate.  He was still nervous and I let him explore the apartment, but as I approached him he retreated back under the bed.  They should be back to normal tomorrow and ready for some interaction.
2007-06-17 14:14:45 GMT