How's My Kitty?
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MERLIN & MAYA, Entry for June 16, 2007

Nobody was around when I first came in this evening - but soon Merlin appeared and ran back and forth playfully in the kitchen in a little game of hide & seek. Soon Maya showed up in the livingroom when she heard the sound of food being served and when I set the plates down, both kitties were happy to eat. While they were eating, I filled their feeders and headed into the bathroom, only to find several "presents" from Maya which took awhile and plenty of 409 to clean up. I'm guessing that Maya thinks the litter box may be too small.... or she needs one more. So I'm doing a one-day experiment: I made another litter box out of the cardboard top you left in the kitchen, and put it next to the other one. We'll see if this helps. You've probably tried this before, but she left such a mess today, I had to try something! Cheers.

2007-06-17 14:11:29 GMT