How's My Kitty?
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GRETCHEN, Entry for June 15-16, 2007

June 16, Coming soon!

June 15,
Gretchen was up and about when I arrived today and came walking toward me only to stop and take some deep sniffs in the air. I figured she'd quickly decided I wasn't her mom in disguise and tell me to get lost - SO - I gratefully found the treats you left on the kitchen counter and tossed a couple her way, which she ran after. I kept doing this as I filled her bowl. I also filled up her large water dispenser which she really appreciated and started drinking from it right away after I set it back down. I could not find any plastic bags for the litter in the closet and went back toward the kitchen to look for some, but Gretchen decided she wanted to drink her water in private.... IF you know what I mean. But - somehow I got the job done:)

2007-06-17 14:04:44 GMT