How's My Kitty?
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PENNY LANE, Entry for June 14-16, 2007

June 16, Coming soon!

June 15,
Penny Lane was doing well today.  I tried to entise her out with her food dish, but she knows that if she waits me out she will get it anyway.  I left the appartment to get the mail and waited for a while out in the hall to see if I could catch Penny Lane in the kitchen and close the bedroom door to prevent her from going back under the bed while I was there.  This also didnt work.  I talked to her at length about this from the side of the bed and provided her with a few treets on my way out.

June 14, Penny Lane was well today.  She is obviously missing her Mom, but she is making the best of it.  Before I arrived there she had finished her food, used the litter box and rearranged her toys except for the red mouse under the bed.  She had assumed her position under the bed and awaited her scratchie under the chin.  I did my chores first in case she might want to come out and inspect my work and spent some time on the floor by the bed talking to her.  She chose not to make a visit today and I left her usual treats under the bed on my way out.

2007-06-17 13:47:25 GMT