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SNOWFLAKE & SPRINKLES, Entry for June 14-16, 2007

June 16, Coming Soon!

June 15,
Snowflake and Sprinkles were doing fine today.  Sprinkles met me at the door with her meows and escorted me to the kitchen to make sure that I would honor the routine by fixing her food first.  After monitoring their food, it was on to the chores followed by play/scratchie time.  The way it works is that I sit on the sofa and Snowflake takes her place on the floor in front of the TV watching for me to pick up the laser while Sprinkles comes up in my lap meowing all the way to settle down and curl up in my lap for her scratchies.  She rested her chin in the palm of my hand for the necessary scratchies under her chin and about her face and she pushed herself around for me to get all of the good spots.  While this is going on, I am expected to work the laser with my other hand for the delight of Snowflake, who is expecting that red dot to move along and around the room around an inch or two in front of her.  The girls are so enthusiastic about their respective interests and it is a joy to please them

June 14, Snowflake and Sprinkles met me at the door again today.  They are both doing well. Sprinkles immediately started meowing for her food.  Food is her life.  She meowed and complained about the time it was taking for me to wash the food dishes and only stopped talking when I put her dish down in the kitchen.  Snowflake ate under the coffee table today and I assumed the blocking position by Sprinkles at the kitchen entry area.  After Snowflake stopped eating, I picked her dish up so that I could offer her another chance after play. We moved to the living room to have our combination play/snuggles time. Sprinkles spent a minute or two looking for Snowflakes dish and then came up on my lap for consolation.  She curled up to receive her scratchies and for a while with the other hand I maneuvered the laser pointer for Snowflake.  After a while I stopped to do my chores and came back to the sofa to spend more quality time with the two of them

2007-06-17 13:44:34 GMT