How's My Kitty?
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LANEY & ZOE, Entry for June 12, 2007
Today was a real breakthrough day. Zoe as always greeted me at the door and got her scratches and pets right away - then we headed to bedroom to find Laney who was back up agains the wall underneath. I wiggled the wand around under the bed to see if she'd play.. but instead she decided to back away from it and come OUT!! Yep, she walked right out from underneath and stood just a couple feet away from me. I reached over and gave her a few pets, which I could tell she really wanted even tho most of the time she's too shy to ask. After that - I got the brush out and both kitties let me brush them for quite awhile and Laney stayed out and socialised the entire time. Zoe is really fun to brush because she's so flufy and rolls all around. Great day!
2007-06-13 15:15:01 GMT