How's My Kitty?
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LADY, Entry for June 10-11, 2007

June 11, Lady was well today and anxious for my visit.  She seems fixated on the lucky bamboo so I have moved it again to the top of the radiator.  She had some loose stool and I will be skipping the wet food tomorrow which may help aleviate that problem.  She had another great play session followed my lots of scratchies

June 10, Lady was doing fine today and was happy to see me.  She has knocked over the lucky bamboo plant twice in-between visits, so I have put it on the metal table next to another plant.  Hopefully it will be safe there.  We had another great play session after my chores and Lady had lots of scratchies before and after.  She is such a good girl and so appreciative of my attention.

2007-06-12 16:15:44 GMT