How's My Kitty?
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SNOWFLAKE & SPRINKLES, Entry for June 10-11, 2007

June 11, Both kitties were in good spirits and eager to eat.  I prepared their food and cleaned the water fountain and scooped the litter pans after I supervised the eating process being careful to keep Sprinkles away from the purple dish.  Sprinkles was very affectionate and willing to play when he wasn't fixated on where had I moved the purple dish. Snowflake was around at feeding time, however he did not participate in the play.  I will be working on his shyness over the next days and will look forward to playing with and giving scratchies to Snowflake as I am able to do with Sprinkles

June 10, Both kitties were right at the door when I arrived and ready to eat as always. Sprinkles was her usual wily self of course, scarfing down all HER food as fast as possible then hurrying over to eat Snowflakes as well. So I moved Snowflakes bowl all over the house to protect her lunch. I sure wish she'd be a little more aggressive about it!

2007-06-12 16:09:41 GMT