How's My Kitty?
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LANEY & ZOE, Entry for June 7-8, 2007

June 8, Laney and Zoe were well today.  Zoe followed me around as usual for every bit of attention and scratchies that she could get. We also had a greet play session with her feather wand today.  Laney was already under the bed.  There was evidence that she was in the hall closet earlier, because the linens and clothes that she normally lays on were on the floor.  She may have rolled off the shelf with the clothes earlier.  She is more accessible for attention when she is on the shelf, however I was able to give her some scratchies under the bed before I left

June 7, Laney and Zoe continue to be well.  Zoe is ever playful and wants endless scratchies and brushing.  Laney was under the bed when I arrived today and stayed there accepting some scratchies every once in a while.  After my chores Zoe and I had a nice play session with the cat dancer and a farewell session of scratchies and hugs.

2007-06-09 15:55:13 GMT