How's My Kitty?
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SNICKERS & SKITTLES, Entry for June 7-8, 2007

June 8, Snickers and Skittles were just as great as ever today.  We went through our regular routine.  The only differences were that today Snickers came running out for her share of attention in the entry way rather than waiting for me to show up in the bathroom.  However when I made it to the bathroom to scoop the litter boxes, she was all over her cat tree for additional scratchies rolling around as usual, delighting in being almost out of reach and looking down at me with her head upside down from the top of her tree house.  She was very bold today and I am proud of her. Skittles stayed on my lap at one point with her front paws tucked under as a sign of complete contentment receiving her quiet time with scratchies, while Snickers positioned herself in the tunnel section of her cat tree patiently awaiting my arrival in the bathroom for more of the same. Snickers gets quite a bit of exercise for her leg and is doing fine in that respect.  I am careful not to allow her to do anything too foolish.  We ended our visit together with the usual play session.

June 7, Snickers and Skittles continue to be well and happy.  We have settled into a routine that they look forward to each day.  Skittles met me at the door and was ready in the entry and on the island for her scratchies as usual, and Snickers was ready for her scratchies on top of her cat tree in the bathroom.  The girls ate together in the kitchen while I scooped the litter pans.  Skittles then spent a long time on my lap and chest on the sofa in the living room while receiving a kitty massage.  Snickers had curled up in the cylindrical area of her cat tree while waiting for me to finish with Skittles and she rolled and climbed around on her tree for her kitty massage.  We ended with a play session by the dining table and chairs.  I gave them there second scoops of food as a diversion as I packed up to leave.  They were happily nibbling at their food when I left and secured the door.

2007-06-09 15:51:38 GMT