How's My Kitty?
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PENNY LANE, Entry for June 6, 2007
Penny Lane was doing well today.  She was in the living room windows when I pulled up in the car.  I talked to her a little before I headed in.  When I arrived in the kitchen she had assumed her usual position under the bed. I washed her food dish and made her wet food, washed her water dish and made her special water and retired to the living room for some quiet sitting on the sofa.  She came out to investigate her food and water, ate a little and retreated back to the safety of her mom's bed.  I scooped the litter and had a nice conversation with her form the side of the bed and was able to scratch under her chin.  I expect that within a few more visits she will be comfortable enough to remain out during my visits.  I left a few treats just under the side of the bed and told her that I would see her tomorrow
2007-06-07 17:33:19 GMT