How's My Kitty?
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LANEY & ZOE, Entry for June 6, 2007
Laney and Zoe were doing fine today.  Zoe always greets me when I come in the door.  When I looked down the hall today, she had just come out of the bedroom and was doing a big stretch.  She came to the door and we walked back to the bedroom to see if her sister was under the bed.  She wasn't.  I looked around for her but couldn't find her initially.  Then I thought of the closet in the hall.  There she was curled up on the shelf on top of the towels and some clothes.  There was no place for her to go, so she had to accept some nice scratchies under the chin and behind the ears including a nice side and back massage.  She enjoyed that, so I went to the dining room to get the brush.  I brushed her for a while and then went to do my chores with the help of Zoe.  Then it was Zoe's turn for a nice brushing and some scratchies followed by some play time.  Laney had stayed on the shelf, and received some more attention on my way out.
2007-06-07 17:32:08 GMT