How's My Kitty?
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SNICKERS & SKITTLES, Entry for June 6, 2007
Snickers and Skittles were their usual fun selves today.  Skittles was at the door to greet me and receive her attention and when I peeked around into the bathroom, Snickers climbed to the top of her cat tree to roll around and receive her scratchies.  Next I retrieved the dry food from the closet washed the food plates and started to measure the food into the dishes.  The sound brought Snickers down from her cat tree and she came bounding into the kitchen to eat with her sister.  After finishing my chores, I settled on the sofa for some cuddles with Skittles. She laid on my chest for a while and when she left Snickers rolled around on the living room floor for hers.  I ended the visit with a play session with the cat dancer.  Skittles tends to try to hog the cat dancer and I always have to make a special effort to direct it over to Snickers in a way that she is able to attack it before Skittles can get to it so that she gets equal play time
2007-06-07 17:31:16 GMT