How's My Kitty?
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BEANIE & WOOKIE, Entry for June 2, 2007

The kitties seem to be doing just fine and are in good, playful spirits. I did however arrive this morning to find 3 instances of vomit which I'm assuming is from Beanie. This happened the last time I was here, so I'm not overreacting, expecially with Beanie's condition as is. I put some shout on the rug ( all I could find ). If you have anything better, please let me know. Wookie ate up normally and in the eve. I decided to just give Beanie his meds by mouth at once - as he was reluctant the previous eve to finish all his food - and therefore not get all his medication. Everything went very smoothly. Tho he didn't like the taste too much, he was quite happy to eat his stew right afterward by himself, which I thought was great and less stressful for him. More of the white powdery medicine was gone as well today, so they're enjoying that... whatever it is:))

2007-06-03 15:44:19 GMT