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BEANIE & WOOKIE, Entry for June 1, 2007

Hi Guys! Both kitties were right at the door and Beanie tried to dash out of course:) What is all that white powder in their bowls by the way- the other medicine? In any case, I left those bowls as is and prepared Beanie's stew following your instructions, adding the pie wedge, hot water and Famotidine mixed in the cup. Beanie was very good about taking his stew in the syringe - but after awhile I put it in a bowl for him to finish on the pink stool and he started eating himself without help. No worries with Wookie who ate all by herself while I attended Beanie.  Gave them a bit extra dry mix and lots of pets and brushing so all's well here on our first night! Oh yes.. we also enjoyed Bob Dylan on the music channel:)

2007-06-02 14:59:43 GMT
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HI Laurie,

Just checking in... the white stuff in the two bowls was just dried chicken powder leftover from their dried chicken treats. Glad to hear Bean ate his food. Please make sure he finishes it all! When the famotodine is added to his food, he has to eat all of it otherwise the medicine will not be effective and he will vomit. Looking forward to reading today's reports; it really helps put our minds at ease knowing they are well looked after-- particularly with Beanie's fragile health state. Thank you!!!
--Ashley & Mark
2007-06-02 22:18:51 GMT