How's My Kitty?
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PENNY & NIGEL, Entry for June 1, 2007

Amazingly Penny was the most social one today. It's usually always the other way around so I was very surprised. Guess the trip is getting a bit long for her and was ready for extra love and attention. We played with the wands which I stuck inside the openings in the rolling toy and she tried to pry out - and she did alot of mid-air jumping as well while Nigel watched.  Both liked the lazer light but it's on it's last legs and ready for a new battery. Everthing is normal and they've been eating pretty well - except they don't seem to like the Fancy Feast all that much. Nearly half is left in their plates everyday. Hope you had an enjoyable trip despite all the excitement and look for the key as promised! Cheers, LH

2007-06-02 14:55:03 GMT