How's My Kitty?
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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for June 1, 2007
The girls were doing well today. The sisters were at the door to greet me as usual and Coco was on the sofa.  I went over to the sofa before she had a chance to jump off in anticipation of getting fed and gave her some scratchies.  This was followed by the usual feeding frenzy.  After everyone had eaten I decided to give Coco some quality time on the sofa before starting my chores.  Coco hopped up on the sofa and preened for a while followed by more scratchies about the head, chin and upper back.  Basil and Sage became jealous of the attention that Coco was receiving and one by one walked onto my chest laying down and putting their paws on my face to distract me from Coco and make their presence as close as they could to Coco's spot on the sofa.  It worked after a while and Coco jumped off in a huff and went over to eat some of her dry food to console herself.  Coco came back and I dismissed the sisters and she hopped back up on the sofa.  Basil, Sage and myself moved on to the ritual inspection and scooping of the litter boxes followed by some play time.  As I had no other AM visits today, I decided to spend more time with the girls.  I sat down and watched some TV while helping Coco finish the rest of her wet food as the sisters were otherwise distracted with the discarded cat dancer.  Basil and Sage caught on but the observed the proceedings with enough distance that Coco didn't feel intimidated.  After their exercise session the sisters were a little more discreet in their demands for attention from me.  By the time that I left everyone was content and ready to face the rest of their day probably starting with a nice nap.
2007-06-02 14:49:34 GMT