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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for May 29-31, 2007
May 29 - I arrived at the apartment today and there was no one at the door to meet me.  In fact there was no one to be found in the living room.  I discovered that Basil and Sage had inadvertently closed themselves up in the bedroom.  When I opened the door, the sisters rushed out.  I placed the waste basket in front of the door as a door stop to prevent a reoccurrence.  There were no accidents in the bedroom, so they must not have been in there all that long.  There were three small deposits of dry food on the living room rug and the girls had finished their dry food on the bathroom sink before they closed themselves up in the bedroom.  I called for Coco but it was a few minuets before she appeared.  I believe that she must have retreated under the bed to escape the sisters continued presence in her bedroom.  When she appeared, she came shuffling out into the living room straight out to her dry food in the kitchen.  I prepared the wet food with the assistance of Basil and Sage and offered Coco an alternative to her dry food.  I turned on the TV and sat down on the sofa.  When Coco was finished she came over the windows to preen.  I called her name and patted the sofa cushion by me and she came up next to me for some needed scratchies about the head, neck and chin.  I could tell that she was happy at being rescued from her sisters and at having more space to roam with access to her dry food.  I left to clean the dry food deposits on the rug after Coco went back to the windows, and with the help of the girls who both made a deposit of their own as I scooped the litter pans, I accomplished the rest of my chores.

It was now time for the cat dancer.  The sisters got excited when it appeared out of my bag and we had a nice play session.  The sisters are very intense players when it comes to trying to catch that little bug on the end of the wire.  I stop the play session when one or the other of the girls starts to pant a little.  I have discovered that both of the girls put so much effort competing with each other in our play session that they get winded and pant a little.  It seems a little odd that kitties so young would get winded, but maybe since they have such thick coats of hair they may get overheated after a while.  I don't think that it is anything in particular to worry about, however I would mention it to your vet on their next regular visit. On my way out, I took the brown throw off the back of the sofa leaving the other on the back and folded it and prepared Coco's space next to the cushion nearest the windows.  She likes her nest on the sofa and I expect to find her there when I return tomorrow.

May 30- The girls are doing well today.  Basil and Sage were in their usual spots at the door and Coco was in her nest on the sofa.  When I came in, Coco got excited and jumped off the sofa and shuffled over and took her position in the kitchen to wait for her wet food. Basil and Sage were preparing to invade the food preparation area to closely supervise. After the sisters were finished with their wet food, they started to converge on Coco's.  I stood between Coco and her sisters until Coco stopped eating and then put her dish on top of the fridge to offer her later.  With the help of the sisters, I accomplished scooping the litter boxes.  The vacuum broom is losing it's charge.  Next time you will have to leave instructions on how to charge it up.  Meanwhile it still works as a broom.  I filled the water fountain resouvar under close supervision.  Basil and Sage follow me around making each task an opportunity for play.  I sat down in the sofa and turned on the TV and Sage took the opportunity to walk onto my lap from the coffee table and lie on my chest for a rare couple of minutes of quiet time.  I had a little play time with the sisters after while Coco was studying the scenery at the windows.  I beckoned Coco to come back to her nest on the sofa after play time.  She came up next to me for her time.  I gave her scratchies again about the head and chin while she purred contentedly.  I got up and managed to get Coco's dish from on top of the fridge without the sisters noticing.  I placed the dish on the opposite side of my body as I walked back the sofa to offer Coco some more food.  She finished most of her dish as I maneuvered her little morsels, so she didn't have to move, to the side of the plate from which she was eating.  Everyone seemed content when I left and I reminded them that I would see them again in the morning.

May 31 - Coco, Basil and Sage are doing fine.  We have settled into a routine that the girls are used to and anticipate.  Coco seems to always be on the sofa when I arrive. She lines up with the rest in the kitchen for her wet food, that is until the sisters take the initiative to personally inspect the division of the food by jumping on to the counter.  Basil and Sage of course finished their food first and converged on Coco, who was still eating. I placed myself between them until Coco stopped.  I scooped the litter boxes with the personal supervision of the sisters.  It seems that when the hoods are off of the boxes they must get in the box and personally make sure that all of the deposits are removed.  Scooping around their little feet adds an element of challenge to the task.  They approve by making a little deposit of their own.  Once that is done, I can move on to some play.  Coco came up beside me again on the sofa for some scratchies.  When I stopped the play with the sisters, I rolled up the cat dancer and tossed it on the other side of the island.  This gave me the opportunity to get Coco's dish from the top of the fridge and offer her the rest of her food.  She ate well as I maneuvered her remaining food under her mouth as she cleared a spot.  Her reward was more scratchies about the neck, head and chin accompanied by some verbal praise about her being the best little girl in the world.  She likes that I know that she is. It was an uneventful visit today, no surprise.  I used up most of the rest of the litter adding a little to each box. I noticed one new thing.  I forget whether it was Basil or Sage, but one of them attacked their reflection in the balcony door, running up and slapping it several times.  I added some food to the empty sections of the automatic feeder today before I left.  It is always a joy to be with the girls.  The sisters are honest in their emotions and behavior and Coco is very appreciative of the attention that she gets. I look forward to tomorrow.
2007-06-01 19:29:07 GMT