How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for May 25, 2007
I was so looking forward to seeing Baxter today.  Baxter is doing fine and it was like we had never missed a day.  He led me right into our normal routine.  After I took off my jacket and set my bag down, he was up on the island in the kitchen for the usual.  He plopped down and I nuzzled my nose into his stomach while using both hands to give him profuse scratchies about the head and shoulders.  He rolled around for more.  Then it was time for his wet food.  He moved over to the kitchen counter to provide his usual supervision and to see and smell what was next.  I turned on the water to run for a while and popped the lid off the can.  He loomed over the can while I put a spoon or so into the dish.  He gobbled a few morsels for his obligatory taste test before I could set it on the floor by his dry food.  Then it was on the way to the litter inspection in the bathroom.  I scooped the litter, shook the towel into the litter pan and swept the floor under his approving eyes and an occasional paw.  He followed me back to the kitchen to inspect the opening of the dry food bag and followed me back to the bathroom to sample the new addition to his dry food bowl.  After replenishing the bowl in the kitchen, picking up any crumbs I rinsed and filled the water bowls in the kitchen and the bathroom.  The only thing left was a little TV and some play time and treats.  I got the cat dancer out and he positioned himself in his tent.  I grabbed some bags of treats and settled on the ottoman.  He likes to stalk the cat dancer bug from his tent, dashing out when it gets too far across the floor and then he runs back to his tent for more, occasionally knocking over or launching his tent several inches.  He really had a collection of toys in his tent today.  I laid out some treats on the edge of the rug, which he ignored for a while, but he eventually stopped for his snack.  When it was time to go and I had turned off the TV, before I got up from the ottoman, Baxter had gone over by the front door and laid down in front of it.  This is something that he has never done before.  He wouldn't move when I called him and I had to unroll the cat dancer to entice him to come back.  After a minute I started packing and said good bye, reassuring him that I would be back tomorrow.  As I looked back he was wagging his tail but with less enthusiasm.  I knelt down and gave him a little scratchie and he gave me a gentle nip on my hand as his punishment for my leaving
2007-05-26 16:14:39 GMT