How's My Kitty?
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MONET & SWEETMEAT, Entry for May 25, 2007

All's still going well at home. Monet is yakkity yacking as ever... I think she just likes to order me around and tell me to hurry up with her meals :) - which I do.. and then she's content to munch away quietly. She was all lovey dovey today and rubbing up against my legs and rolling around on her back while I prepared her food. I gave her pets and tummy rubs - which she liked, but then let me know when she'd had enough with a big Yowl.  She's hard to figure out sometimes,... I'll tell you that. lol. It was raining so the plants got a drink and Sweetmeat came up to get her pellets as well.

2007-05-26 14:48:13 GMT