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WARICK & CACTUS, PM VISIT, Entry for May 24, 2007

So great to see the babies again. Both were right at the door ready to dash out, but they did not get past my briefcase as usual.  Then they followed me to the kitchen where they gathered around to watch the preparation of dinner. I try to keep them off the counter, but it's just no use. If I lift them down, they just hop back up! After dinner they had a good time running around after each other and Warick took a particular interest in a wooden stick he found and was batting that all over the place. They also liked looking out the open windows in the bedrooms. For me, it's a bit cold in here, but I won't make any adjustments per request. I stayed a bit longer with them working my way through emails on my laptop. Both of them would come occassionally and sit right in front of the computer. So they got plenty of snuggles when I typed:)) Anyway, I'd say everybody's happy here and I'll be back in AM ! LH

2007-05-25 16:36:25 GMT