How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for May 24, 2007
Again Natasha was roaming the apartment when I arrived, however she quickly retreated to the bedroom.  I did my chores first.  The bathroom litter pan was not used, however the one in the bedroom was used.  She also ate and drank in the bedroom more than the bathroom.  She is definitely using the bedroom as her home base in your absence.  She is out in the apartment when I am not there, judging by the arrangement of a few of her toys.  And Again we had long conversations at the edge of the bed.  After she watched me straighten her towel, bring a fresh litter box free of that offensive debris back into her room, fill her food bowl and refresh her water bowl, she moved underneath the bed closer to that side of the bed.  She could see all of this activity because I raised the bed skirt at the area of the inverted pleat on that side of the bed so that we could see each other better for our conversations.  We talked more and I moved my arm slowly under the bed so that she could sniff my hand to get used to my smell.  I managed a little scratch under her chin.  I am hopeful that on our third visit that I am able to move forward on my quest to gain her trust.  They say that the third time is the charm, however it is apparent that I just am just not as charming as her Mom in her eyes.
2007-05-25 16:30:41 GMT