How's My Kitty?
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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for May 24, 2007
The girls are all doing fine today.  I was greeted by Basil and Sage on the island again today.  We had a quick snuggle.  Coco was on the sofa but quickly got off and headed toward the kitchen.  I divided the food with the help of the sisters, put their dishes down and everybody was happy for a minute.  When I went to do the litter I was greeted with a skid mark on the carpet that someone had left me on their way out of the bathroom.  I used your carpet spot cleaner to remove that and proceeded to do the litter.  I managed to get the bathroom door closed before Basil and Sage realized what I was about to do.  They made up for their loss of bathroom cleanup supervision privileges by providing extra help with the litter pan in the living room.  I got out the cat dancer and the sisters got excited.  We had a good play session with Coco looking on from a distance wondering where the girls get all that energy.  When I was checking and refilling the automatic feeder, I believe that I pressed the wrong button at first, possibly the record button which is next to the button that rotates the feeder and the recorded message stopped playing, so you may have to record the message again.  Sorry about that.  After play I sat down on the rug to give Coco some individual attention and hugged Basil and Sage on my way out the door.
2007-05-25 16:28:41 GMT