How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for May 23, 2007
Natasha was in the hall by the kitchen when I came in today, but as soon as she realized that it was not her Mom she dashed into the bedroom.  She had left behind a hair ball on the rug in the hall which I dispensed with before I went on the hunt for her.  After my chores, I found her under the bed.  I spent quite some time on the floor beside the bed on every side telling her what a wonderful girl she was and how beautiful she was in my best soothing voice.  I talked about how much she must miss her Mom and that I was sent by Mom to be her friend.  When I went to the side of the bed closest to the windows she made a break for the living room.  I closed the door behind me and sought her behind the sofa.  She came out and spent the remainder of her time at the side of the sofa next to the boxes and the floor lamp.  I was able after a while and with much conversation to scratch her under her chin and behind the ears which I considered progress.  I am hopeful that tomorrow she remembers all of the flattery and good conversation and the scratchies behind the ear and is able to progress further.  I would be honored to eventually be able to have her trust and friendship
2007-05-24 05:59:17 GMT