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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for May 22-23, 2007

May 22, 2007

It was so good to be able the visit again with your little family.  When I arrived today, Sage greeted me up on the island at the door.  We touched noses and I gave her a little hug. Basil was staring at me from the floor with those beautiful eyes and I reached down and gave her a little scratch on the head and chin.  I scanned the room for the Coco Puff and found her staring at me from her place on the sofa.  They all realized that the next thing I would do was to prepare their food.  Coco came off the sofa in anticipation and sat on the rug for some scratchies about the head and chin as I passed her on my way to the kitchen.  Sage prepared for her grand leap from the island to the kitchen counter to closely supervise the division of the food and to try to wedge her face in for a first nibble of anything while Sage sat by my feet looking up in anticipation.  After I managed to divide and distribute the food, I sat down by Coco while she ate until she stopped and moved on to some dry food.  I sat her dish out of reach of the girls who had already polished off the food in there own dishes and were moving in on Coco's.  I managed to do the litter boxes relatively unmolested today and you should have seen the faces of the sisters when I retrieved the cat dancer from my bag.  We had an intense session with the cat dancer. The sisters were tearing around and jumping and having a good time.  When Sage began to pant it was time to give them a rest.  Coco accepted lots of scratchies in-between some hissing when the girls would get too close and interfere with our time together.  I didn't spend any private time away from the sisters with Coco today as she didn't head for the bedroom to escape.  She held her ground in the living room.  Tomorrow I will give Coco some quiet time away from her sisters if she would like.  I am looking forward to my next visit.

May 23, 2007

The girls were all doing well today.  I was greeted by both sisters on the island today.  Coco was in her place on the sofa.  Everyone gathered around while I prepared their food.  After Basil and Sage finished theirs, I placed myself between Coco and the encroaching sisters until she moved on to her dry food.  Today I had much assistance in the bath room with the litter box.  Both Basil and Sage had to contribute to the box while I was trying to scoop it and were in front or under me every inch of the way as I tried to sweep the bathroom floor with my whisk broom and dust pan.  The same was going on in the litter pan in the living room.  I tried to put the hood up high out of harms way by putting it upside down on top of the area directly in back of the living room chair with the ottoman but every time I looked up there was a different sister lounging in the hood.  They are so cute when they are doing their thing that it is impossible to get upset at the lack of progress that it creates.  After chores I decided to sit down on the sofa and turn on the TV before starting play.  Coco had migrated to the area by the glass doors next to the cat tree and the sisters one by one spent some time on my chest for some scratchies.  The girls had another great play session afterwards and I tossed the cat dancer on the floor near the island to distract the girls as Coco was at my feet wanting to come up to her place on the sofa.  She wanted some scratchies, and laid with her head and a front paw on my knees while I gave her many scratchies about the head and under the chin to her delight.  Yes, another good time was had by all, especially me.

2007-05-24 05:57:28 GMT