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BEAR, SUNSET & CLEO, Entry for May 18-19, 2007
5/18 -When I arrived today, I was greeted at the door by Sunset who wanted some scratchies right away.  I looked up to see Cleo looking out through the glass panes in the bedroom doors complaining loudly and pawing at the glass.  I let her out and she continued to walk around the living room complaining and accepting some scratchies.  Bear was nowhere in site.  Since Sunset had been out in the apartment, I looked around the bedroom area thinking that Bear had drawn the lucky straw and spent the day with Cleo.  I expanded my search to find him in the other bed basking in the sun and just sleeping away.  I gave him a scratch and he looked up for a second and went right back to some serious basking.  Cleo came into the room and curled up in the covers at the bottom of the bed about a foot from Bear. I roamed around the house and scooped, swept, wiped, filled food bowls and rinsed and filled water bowls under the supervision of Sunset, who wanted more.  After my chores, I turned on the TV and reached into my bag for the Cat Dancer.  Sunset immediately recognized it and got excited.  After a few shakes for Sunset, I dragged it across the floor into the bedroom where Cleo and Bear were lounging on the bed with Sunset in hot pursuit.  Cleo got excited at the sight of the cat dancer and gave up her place on the bed and followed me back into the living room.  Bear more reluctantly gave up his lazy basking and with an attitude of I'll just see what all the fuss is about sauntered after his sisters.  We had a nice play session in the living room although Cleo would voice vocal complaints and have to be coaxed into play when Sunset would hog the cat dancer.  Bear was more interested in getting his scratchies and would lean against my leg for as much as he could get.  It was difficult to provide scratchies with one hand for Bear and effectively manipulate the cat dancer with the other to satisfy both Sunset and Cleo.  After our nice play session, I decided it was time to use the cat dancer to lure Cleo and Sunset into the bedroom to secure Cleo in for the day. Sunset was easy but Cleo saw through the ruse right away and would go anywhere but the bed room.  She complained loudly as we traveled through the house but she finally gave in and since Bear had already sauntered into the bedroom he became Cleo's companion for the day leaving Sunset to roam the house.

5/19 - Again when I arrived today I was greeted by Sunset looking for her scratchies.  Cleo was looking into the living room and complaining at the bedroom door. Upon gaining her freedom she complained all the way to the food dish in the kitchen area.  The food dish in the bedroom was empty and probably Bear, her companion for the night had accomplished that.  There are now two food dishes in the bedroom.  Bear came out of the bedroom for a few scratchies and Cleo continued her complaints while she surveyed the apartment ending up in the other bedroom/computer room in her spot on top of the covers at the foot of the bed. I figured that I should give them some play time before my chores and we had a session with the cat dancer in the living room.  Bear was there for his requisite scratchies again depositing lots of his white hair in the process.  After I finished my chores we had another play session ending in successfully luring Sunset and Cleo, without complaint, into the bedroom.  After closing them in, I looked around for Bear and found him fast asleep in the cat carrier.
2007-05-20 14:27:32 GMT