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MADISON & BELLA, Entry for May 18-19, 2007
5/18 - Madison met me at the door, accepted some scratchies and escorted me into the living room.  Bella was waiting to see who came in and observed me doing my chores from a discrete distance.  I offered them the rest of the wet food that you had left in the can in the fridge, dividing it into two separate piles which they avidly ate leaving no trace whatsoever.  After finishing my chores, I turned on the TV for some background noise and introduced them to a toy that I had brought with me called a cat dancer.  It is a wire with several pieces of rolled cardboard at the end and when you shake it or drag it on the floor it looks like a fluttering moth.  At first Madison wasn't sure about what to do, but he learned quickly and was chasing, grabbing and attacking it vigorously.  Bella was a little nervous about the new toy and was content to observe Madison.  After a while Bella decided that the toy was safe and that Madison was having fun chasing the bug.  Very timidly at first Bella would attack and chase the bug as it traveled across the floor.  He seemed to like the bug on the floor as opposed to circling him overhead and when Madison wasn't monopolizing the toy Bella, lurking around the peripheral area of play would jump in and have some fun.  

5/19 - Madison and Bella are dong fine.  Madison greeted me at the door again today and recieved some scratchies as a reward.  Bella was waiting in the hallway in front of the bathroom to see who was coming in.  Madison escorted me through my chores  blocking my approach to things like the food bowls and litter boxes. Madison is so cute.  He lies down in my path trying to prevent me from invading areas that he considers his domain and complains when I step over him to continue on.  After my chores we had another play session in the living room with the cat dancer.  Madison trys to dominate the play, however Bella has become more agressive when it comes to the cat dancer.  He has become bolder setting aside his shyness to play at arms reach.  I was able to give him some scratchies on his head and under his chin today.  We all played for quite a while before it was time for me to go.
2007-05-20 14:21:17 GMT