How's My Kitty?
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EELINE & BIJOUX, Entry for May 17-19, 2007

5/17 - When I arrived today, Feline was waiting to escape into the hall.  Her carefully planned attempt was thwarted by the placement of my bag in front of the door, which when opened made her back up until I could get in and close the door. Undaunted, her plan B was to follow me around at a discrete distance to observe and supervise my time in her domain.  Bijoux came out when I came in and maintained a safe distance to observe her sisters technique.  I swept the crunches from the kitchen floor, filled the dry food bowls, prepared their wet food treat and rinsed and filled the water bowls.  I could see the look of approval in Feline's eyes, especially when I placed a paper plate with wet food under her nose for a little sniff before I sat it down in the kitchen.  I moved on to scoop the litter and sweep the little ramp that goes into the dome free of litter.  Now it was time to cater to the girls.  I reached into my bag and retrieved a cat toy the I brought called a cat dancer.  It is a wire with several rolled up pieces of card board attached at the end.  When you shake it and or drag it across the floor it looks like a moth trying to escape.  Feline immediately fell in love with it and even Bijoux stepped forward a bit to give it a few swats.  She then stepped back to observe her sister roll around and try to catch the bug. When I left, I told them that I would be back with my new toy tomorrow and we would play some more.

5/18 -Feline was at the door to greet me again but was not so determined to make a break for it today. Bijoux was waiting in the living room.  They are both doing fine.  They had eaten well and were alert and interested in the entertainment that my presence would provide them today. After doing my chores, I settled on the floor for another play session with the girls. As usual, Feline was an avid player.  Rolling around swatting and grabbing the moth that was fluttering and circling her.  Bijoux was mostly content to observe and critique her sisters technique from a short distance.  Actually I believe that Feline thinks the toy is for her to play with and interrupts every time that I try to get Bijoux to play.  Bijoux actually swatted at the toy a few times and seemed content at the effort.  She lounged just inside the living room with her paws tucked under content to have something different to do for an hour or so.

5/19 -Feline and Bijoux are well and happy.  Feline made her attempt to get out the door when I arrived.  I did my chores first making their wet food plates and changing their water bowls.  Feline and Bijoux reclined just outside the kitchen area on the living room rug to observe my progress.  Normally Bijoux would have observed from a more distant point and I was pleased at her display of trust.  I walked around them to do the litter and then we settled into some play on the living room rug.  Feline loves to play rolling around, grabbing and having a good time.  Bijoux continues to do more observing than playing probably partly because Feline tends to monopolize the toy.  If Bijoux was bord with the play session she would get up and leave, but she continues to watch every move of the toy, touching it every once in a while.  When it was time for me to leave, Bijoux allowed me to give her some scratchies on the head and chin.  I was honored.

2007-05-20 14:19:12 GMT