How's My Kitty?
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STALEY, Entry for May 14, 2007
Staley continues to do just fine. He greeted me again at the door and was his usual friendly self. Didn't seem too interested in food right away - and it seems all he did was lick the sauce off his wet food yesterday- so.... today I mashed it up for him to see if he'd like that better. After a few nibbles he came out and got lots of pets on the couch and then ran around like made with his pink bunny. So all's well here! * Also check email later for confirmation etc. ( at last! ) We're getting caught up today:)
2007-05-15 17:28:16 GMT
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this is such a wonderful feature. just checking from leicester square in london and so relieved to know that my baby is doing well. thank you so much for spoiling him. :)
--Melissa and Nick
2007-05-15 20:55:10 GMT