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TODAYS CALENDAR, Entry for May 11, 2007

The following kitties were visited May 11, 2007

LOBO & AZUKI - After today's visit we decided that once daily is not enough for them under the circumstances. The kitties are not at all happy being cooped up in the bathroom this long between visits. Twice daily, though still not ideal, definitely worked better before. I've tried to contact you regarding this change.  Please call when you have time. LH

CHUCKIE & BAILEY -  The kids are doing fine as usual and were anxiously awaiting company as soon as I walked in. Both got lots of pets, attention and Bailey loved swatting at the rope on his play box.

PENNY & NIGEL - Doing great. Both are out and about and chasing after the laser light.  There was still plenty of food left when I arrived but they got fresh bowls and helpings of all.

FELIX - As mentioned, when I walked in Felix was no where to be found until I called his name! Then I heard a meow and he walked right out into the kitchen to great me. After a few pets and treats he decided to eat a little dinner. He seemed happier to eat with company around. Then I sat on the couch and he had a nice brush.

SMOKEY & TIGRE - Doing well. Smokey was especially loving today and came right out from under the table to give me kisses and have some dinner.

LONDON FOG - Report is that London is being a bit shy but your Nanny is slowly but surely make progress and getting a few pets in here and there. More details to follow. Everything is normal and she is eating drinking well

NINIA- Ninia was her usual self today, remembered me and gave me lots of hugs when I picked her up. We sat and cuddled on the couch for dinner. There was suddenly a REALLY loud rap band that started playing an outdoor concert 2 blocks down that totally disturbed and I could tell bothered Ninia so I closed all the windows to try to mute the sound. It helped a little.

2007-05-13 12:53:23 GMT