How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & BEAMER, Entry for May 7, 2007
Wrigley and Beamer were doing well today.  Wrigley was in and out of the living room as I washed the food and water bowls, cleaned and filled the fountain and prepared the food.  When I was done and on my way to the litter pan he came back in to eat some of his wet food.  Wrigley played a little with me and the cat dancer but what really gives me an opportunity is when I give him his treats.  He is willing to endure full body scratchies for treats and will hang around me as long as the bag is near.  It's too bad that Beamer doesn't have that kind of fixation on food.  I resorted to talking to Beamer under the bed again :)
2007-05-08 23:41:30 GMT