How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & BEAMER, Entry for May 5 & 6, 2007

May 5th, Wrigley and Beamer are doing well.  Wrigley came out to greet me when I arrived and proceeded to retreat in and out of the bedroom.  I looked under the bed and got my first glimpse of Beamer. I talked to him for a while and proceeded to do my chores.  After washing the food bowls, preparing the food, toping off the water fountain, refreshing the blue water bowl and doing the litter, I initiated some play with Wrigley.  I carry a toy called a cat dancer that is a wire with one inch rolled pieces of cardboard at the end.  When you shake it or drag in on the floor it mimics the action of a fluttering moth.  Wrigley liked it and played for a while, however Beamer did not come out.  I was happy to at least see Beamer and introduce myself to him.  It is very important to be able to locate all the kitties that are in the house in order to make sure that they are there and safe.  Perhaps before my visitations are over Beamer will come out and visit.  I will find him and talk to him about it every time I am there.

May 6th, Wrigley and Beamer were doing just fine today.  Wrigley came in and out of the bedroom for some scratchies on her head and for some play with the cat dancer.  Beamer was under the bed, so I laid down next to the bed and talked to him for a while to get him used to hearing and seeing me.  He eventually migrated from the bedroom to the bottom kitchen cabinet.  Wrigley is the only kitty that eats in front of me mostly the dry food.  He is in the kitchen when I make the food and is ready to check it all out.  Beamer doesn't run from me, but he just is not interested in interacting with me when I'm in the apartment.  I'm hoping that the example that Wrigley is setting with play and scratchies and my talking to him will acclimate him to my presence and he will as free to walk around the apartment as does Wrigley.

2007-05-07 21:18:07 GMT