How's My Kitty?
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JOE & FRANK, Entry for May 6, 2007
When I came in with the mail Frank was heading down the stairs to greet me.  He escorted me to the kitchen and we had our snuggling time on the island.  He is so generous with his affection.  I proceeded with my chores.  I scooped the litter, bagged all the accumulated bags of refuse, swept the stairs and floor, changed the papers, washed and refilled the food bowl and refreshed the water bowl. I laid by the side of the bed and talked with Joe for a minute and then I settled down in the living room with Frank on the rug.  Frank received a lot of scratchies and hugs as he rolled around on the rug and purred and then we played with the cat dancer for a while.  It was soon becoming time for me to go and I was so hoping that Joe would make one last appearance.  It was easier the times that I caught Joe on the dining room chair because he could see what was going on in the living room area and eventually join in for some play and treats.  Its another story to rely on him to come down on his own from under the bed.  I was honored that he did it earlier in the week and was hoping for a good bye visitation.  I got the treats out and as I passed the stairs I vigorously shook the bags hoping to get Joe's attention.  I went back to Frank and gave him his treats on the rug and then packed up to leave.  I noticed that Joe had come half way down the stairs to see me off and I left him a few treats on the steps and said good bye for this last visit.
2007-05-07 21:16:38 GMT