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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAGE, Entry for May 5 & 6, 2007

May 5th, The girls were doing well today.  Basil and Sage greeted me as I arrived as usual, followed by Coco who emerged from the bedroom.  Coco's food dispenser is working well.  The sisters are still outrageous and running amuck all over the house.  Today I closed myself in the bathroom to do the litter box when the sisters weren't looking.  They hung around on the other side of the door dying to know what I was doing and what they were missing on the other side. The sisters made up for the lost opportunity with the litter box in the living room. I did another body block in the kitchen so that Coco could continue to eat her wet food unmolested by Basil and Sage.  Later I felt so honored when Sage came over to the sofa and laid on my chest rubbing her face on my neck and face.  We had a little quiet moment together which is rare when I am there.  Usually they are too busy following my progress and getting into mischief to settle down for any length of time.  Coco also came over by me on the sofa for some quiet time and an escape from Basil and Sage.  I ended our session with some play with the cat dancer.  Coco even joined in for several swats but was soon frustrated by the sisters exuberant efforts to catch the bug.  Basil and Sage watched me leave with little sad faces and Coco retired to the bedroom to find a quiet spot away from the sisters.

May 6th, Your little family was fine today.  Basil and Sage were both on the island and we touched noses and meowed per usual.  Coco came out as well in anticipation of her food.  The sisters always have to come up on the counter when I divide up the food.  They tried to get in a taste test, but were repeatedly put off the counter until all was ready.  Of course when they have stopped eating their food they believe Coco's food is fair game, so I did another body block on the kitchen floor to give Coco more time to eat.  After Coco stopped I put her leftovers on top of the fridge for later and I had to put the sisters food on the counter so Coco couldn't eat it.  Its a game of musical plates every day.  After my kitchen duty I shut myself up in the bathroom to do the litter and the floor, mat, and rugs.  Too much for the sisters to help with.  There was a hair ball today on Coco's leopard spotted mat on the ottoman in front of the living room chair, so I cleaned that up next.  Coco stayed in the living room for some scratchies but the sisters were stalking her so she retreated to the bedroom rug.  I soon followed and for punishment the sisters had to spend some time on the hallway side of the closed bedroom while Coco and I had some quality time alone on the bedroom floor.  She stayed by me for a long time receiving scratchies on and about the head, behind the ears, under the chin and on her front shoulders.  First she kneaded the rug a little and then turned her little front paws under and enjoyed the uninterrupted attention. The sisters finally gave up putting their front paws and legs under the door and settled down on the other side.  I finished my visit by scooping the living room litter pan and vacuuming the mat and the carpet in the area with the help of Basil and Sage.  Sage graced me with her presence on my chest for a brief snuggle and the sisters had an intense play session with the cat dancer.  I gathered my things, gave Coco a little scratchie on her head (she had moved to the bed on the corner near the foot) and said good bye to them all.

I forgot to mention that between the first and second visit the sisters had found a bag in the wastebasket turned on it's side in the bedroom that had some price tags with there corresponding plastic attachment tabs from some purchases that you had made and they disbursed them over the apartment floor.  I collected them and put them back in the bag and stuck the bag under the TV screen in the bedroom.  I didn't throw them out as I didn't know whether the bag had been in the wastebasket or not.

2007-05-07 21:15:38 GMT