How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER,Entry for May 5 & 6, 2007
May 5th, What a joy to be back with Baxter!  He is such a great cat.  He fell right in with the routine, following me around as I did my chores supervising and helping me whenever he could.  Helping me open and dispense the wet cat food, scoop the litter, fill the water bowls, trying his best to butt the full bowls of water with his head to guide them to there proper position.  He rolled around on the island for scratchies and snuggles which he got in profusion from me.  What can I say, I'm easy.  We retired to the living room for some TV and play with the cat dancer.  He is still a great jumper and stalker.  He had a good time playing followed by some treats.  It was son time to go and I was sad to leave him.  I promised that I would be back tomorrow and we stared into each others eyes as I closed the door.

May 6th, Baxter is well and again was a joy to be with.  We started out with our usual snuggles on the island.  He loves to have scratchies and hugs right off and he jumps up and lays down on the counter before I can start the food. He didn't eat much of his wet food from the first visit but he does eat a good amount of the dry food.  He did seem to like today's wet food.  He is always up on the counter with his face over the wet food container when it is opened and wanted to eat it right out of the container today.  He followed me around helping me accomplish my chores in his own unique way seeking out more scratchies on the counter in the bathroom.  We settled in the living room for a long play session with the cat dancer.  He loves to hide in his tent and stalk that little bug, bursting out the opening and chasing, jumping and pouncing on it and then returning to his tent to do it again.  I put a few treats out for him on the edge of the rug, he wanted to save them for later after I left.  He sniffed them periodically to make sure that they were still there.  Alas, my visit had come to an end and I had to move on.  I told Baxter that I would be back tomorrow and watched him settle in the living room as I closed the door.
2007-05-07 21:13:42 GMT