How's My Kitty?
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JOE & FRANK, Entry for May 5, 2007
The boys were doing fine today.  Frank was looking out the door as I was coming through the gate with the mail.  He escorted me up to the kitchen for some scratchies and hugs on the island.  On my trip up to the litter box, I stopped on the second floor to stick my head under the bed and say hi to Joe.  After the litter, I settled in on the living room rug for some play and snuggling with Frank.  I called periodically for Joe to come down and join us, but he declined.  When I had to leave, I gave Frank some treats and told him to tell his brother that tomorrow was my last visit and that I expected an appearance and I would hang out by the side of the bed until he gave in and came out to say good bye.
2007-05-06 13:54:57 GMT