How's My Kitty?
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WRIGLEY & BEAMER, Entry for May 4, 2007
When I arrived Wrigley came out to investigate me.  He sniffed my hand and allowed a little scratchie on the head before running back into the bedroom.  He approached for a sniff and a scratchie several times after but as I moved from his head to his shoulders he would put a little distance between us and lie down acting like he wanted more.  I didn't want to be too forward on my first visit but will initiate some play time tomorrow and see what he does.  Beamer didn't come out from the bedroom.  Perhaps when he sees me and Wrigley playing together tomorrow he will come out and investigate.  I went about my chores filling the dry food bowls washing and filling the wet food bowls hoping that Beamer might come out for some fresh food.  I washed and refilled the water fountain and cleaned the litter pan and stayed for a while but Wrigley was the only curious one.
2007-05-06 13:53:46 GMT