How's My Kitty?
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COCO PUFF, BASIL & SAFE, Entry for May 4, 2007
When I arrived in the apartment Basil and Sage greeted me at the door.  As I came around the island to the kitchen, I saw that someone had removed the top from Coco's automatic feeder.  The exposed well was empty, so I decided to check the other repositories out and get the feeder back on track.  The inner lid was not working right but I fixed that and rotated and topped off the three other wells and filled the empty one.  The machine is reset and I believe, works fine now.  I will know that for sure when I visit tomorrow. Basil and/or Sage probably were attracted to your voice message and decided to investigate the machine.  The sisters played their usual games with me during the cleaning of the litter boxes, making deposits and helping me with the scoop.  Today I went back into the bathroom with the sisters in tow and closed them in so that Coco could eat some of her leftovers unmolested in the living room.  After reuniting the girls I observed a swatting match between Coco and Basil.  I have noticed that Coco will tend to get upset when the sisters get too close.  I ended my visit with some intense play with the cat dancer and some scratchies and quiet talk with Coco.
2007-05-06 13:52:12 GMT